Donate to Friends of the Orange County Library System

Donate to Friends of the Orange County Library System

Ways To Donate

Donate Your Used Books/DVDs/CDs/VHS 

Any book donated to the Library which is not placed in the Library’s collection, plus books donated specifically for book sales, are made available to the public in the Friends of the Library bookstore.


Donations are being accepted at Orlando Public Library. Donations may be accepted at branch locations depending on the space available. You may call 407-835-7323 for updated information on branch locations currently accepting donations. 


If you have a small number of items totaling no more than three boxes or bags that can be safely lifted by one person, you may drop off your donation during regular library hours without an appointment. Donations are accepted on the loading dock behind the library, which can be accessed via Wall Street. 


Larger donations require a scheduled appointment to drop off on the loading dock of Orlando Public Library.


  • Appointments are made with the Bookstore Coordinator by calling 407.835.7496.
  • When calling, please leave a message and allow 1-2 business days for a return call. Appointment availability may depend on the overall size of the donation.
  • Appointments are only available on select dates each month. Same day appointments for larger donations are not available.
  • We encourage those with larger donations to consider spreading out their drop off over multiple dates when possible.


We are proud to accept donations of VHS tapes and have cultivated one of the best used VHS collections for Central Florida VHS enthusiasts. Please think of us when looking to part with your beloved VHS collection.


We generally pass donations along to the Friends of the Library. The Friends sell the items in their bookstore on the third floor of Orlando Public Library and in our branches, and generously donate the proceeds back to the library to support programs and services.

See our donation guidelines for details.


Monetary Donations

Monetary donations of all sizes are always welcome, appreciated and tax-deductible!  Stop by to donate in person or donate online now via PayPal.

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