Donate to Friends of the Orange County Library System

Donate to Friends of the Orange County Library System

Holiday Tribute Card

Today only: When you donate a Holiday Tribute Card valued at $15 each, the library will mail someone on your gift list a joyous holiday tribute card in their honor.


To send a Holiday Tribute Card, please follow these steps to complete the donor form below:

Step One: Fill out the form below with your contact information.


Step Two: Confirm you donation amount to be given on behalf of your gift recipient and enter their contact information. Holiday Tribute Cards are a minimum $15.00 donation. The donation amount will be included unless requested otherwise in this form.


Holiday Tribute Cards will be sent on behalf of the Friends of Orange County Library System starting Monday, December 5 — all requests will be sent before Christmas.


Only one tribute per donation form will be accepted. Please return to this page to donate additional tribute gifts.


*Valid only from donations made on Friday, November 25, 2022 and only while supplies last.